THE CASE OF HANA AND ALICE (Chicago premiere) hosted by The Chicago Cinema Society at Chicago Filmmakers.


Following several memorable projects, such as ALL ABOUT LILY CHOU-CHOU, auteur Shunji Iwai surprises us with a more playful tone in a first foray into the world of animated film, which weds rotoscoping and digital animation. While he tackles touchy subjects such as divorce and bullying, THE CASE OF HANA & ALICE remains first and foremost a charming comedy that uses the vivid imagination of its characters as means to create hilarious situations. Actually a prequel to its predecessor HANA & ALICE (2004), our joy at reuniting with these characters is almost equal to that felt by Yu Aoi (RUROUNI KENSHIN) and Anne Suzuki (HELTER SKELTER) in revisiting them. However, except for a few references that will please fans of the first film, THE CASE can totally be appreciated on its own. By throwing everything he had as a director, writer and composer at this irresistible animated debut, Shunji Iwai confirms his rightful place amongst the most eclectic directors of his time. (by Nicolas Archambault, Fantasia International Film Festival)


Spunky Tetsuko, AKA Alice, is off to a fresh start. Having just settled down with her recently divorced mother, she’s set to begin school at Ishinomori College. Upon arrival, she quickly falls victim to peer bullying, but after running into Fuko, an old ballet partner, she finds solace in her return to dance. It is during such a dancing session that she overhears about the enigmatic affair of the Ishinomori High murder. According to rumour, a student named Judas was supposedly killed by four other students also named Judas. Despite its inherent absurdity, the story fuels many fiery discussions and leads to much strange behaviour, including ludicrous rituals and in-class possessions. When Alice discovers that her next-door neighbour Hana, who’s been holed up inside her apartment for months, might hold the missing pieces to this homicidal puzzle, she decides to pay her a visit. Together, they’ll follow the threads of a shady investigation that will cement their friendship forever.


Digital Projection, 110mins
Location: Chicago Filmmakers
5243 N Clark St. 60640
December 4th at 8:00pm
December 6th at 7:00pm
Ticket price: $9.00


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