TOKYO TRIBE (Chicago premiere) hosted by The Chicago Cinema Society at Chicago Filmmakers.



The Chicago Cinema Society is extremely proud and excited to announce the Chicago Premiere of Sion Sono’s TOKYO TRIBE at Chicago Filmmakers on August 15th and Columbia College on August 19th! This is one of the craziest films of the year: you DO NOT want to miss this one. To say that TOKYO TRIBE is Sion Sono’s most entertaining film is to spectacularly undersell just how insanely fun it actually is. It’s a loud, vibrant, hilarious, bizarre explosion that comes across as an amalgam of Takashi Miike’s V-Cinema gangster movies, Walter Hill’s THE WARRIORS, JET SET RADIO, and the constantly floating camera and eye-searing neon color schemes of ENTER THE VOID. Incredible! Check out the trailer below and do not miss it!


“In a futuristic, alternate-world Tokyo, the city is made up of ghetto slums and nightclub playgrounds where gangs of wayward youth rule the streets. The city is carved up into ‘hoods, and the crossing of territorial lines quickly leads to riots and rumbles. On the turf ruled by the savage yakuza Big Buppa (Riki Takeuchi, from Takashi Miike’s Fudoh: The New Generation and Dead or Alive series), the simmering tension is about to boil over into all-out war.
With Tokyo Tribe, Sono has crafted a cinematic melting pot of madness referencing everything from Walter Hill’s The Warriors and Streets of Fire to Shûji Terayama’s legendary experimental film Emperor Tomato Ketchup, John Carpenter’s Escape from New York, Julien Temple’s Sex Pistols documentaries, the final showdown from Scarface and, of course, West Side Story.

Avoiding the usual fresh young faces of Japanese films, director Sion Sono chose to cast real rappers, tattoo artists and stunt performers in many of the main acting roles, a rebellious move that brings vibrancy and freshness to his outlandish street-fighting epic. Set to a score of bangin’ beats and bizarre rap lyrics, Tokyo Tribe will leave you beat-boxing for more. ”  Colin Geddes – TIFF

1st screening:
Digital Projection, 116mins
Location: Chicago Filmmakers
5243 N Clark St. 60640
Date: Saturday, August 15th
Time: 8:00pm
Ticket price: $8.00

2nd screening:
Digital Projection, 116mins
Location: Columbia College (Hokin Hall)
600 S Michigan Ave. 60605
Date: Wednesday, August 19th
Time: 6:30pm
Ticket price: $8.00


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