About CCS

CCS before Xtro screening

The Chicago Cinema Society (est. 2011) is a passionate and dedicated group of individuals who enjoy hosting unconventional, daring, innovative and eccentric cinema in our lovely city. After having traveled to many domestic and international film festivals, our staff would return excited and inspired by the many wonderful films they had discovered. However, many of these films never managed to be screened here in Chicago. We have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that amazing cinematic art will not go undiscovered here in our city. Many great filmmakers tragically find their works overlooked by major film studios as their narratives are not easily marketable to the general public. These artists are writing and producing films that will inspire filmmakers for decades to come. We believe in the potential of both these innovative films to inspire audiences and in Chicago’s literate, informed moviegoers to embrace them. We look forward to sharing our collective passion for cinema with you. See you at the Big Screen!


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