LIQUID SKY now handled by Chicago Cinema Society in collaboration with Director Slava Tsukerman.

The Chicago Cinema Society is incredibly excited to announce that we are working with Director Slava Tsukerman to arrange 35mm screenings of LIQUID SKY nationwide. A few years back, The Chicago Cinema Society managed to obtain a 35mm print of LIQUID SKY with perfect color and in good condition which is now a part of The Chicago Cinema Society Film Archive. If you are already not familiar with Liquid Sky, you need to be, because it is a masterpiece, and this link will help acquaint you:

Just recently, Slava Tsukerman hosted what were termed as the final screenings of Liquid Sky at Quad Cinema in New York City from his personal 35mm print, which has endured much wear over the years, and has now since been retired. Shortly after these screenings, Tsukerman had learned of our film archive and that we had a 35mm print of Liquid Sky. Slava then reached out to us to learn more about the print and to collaborate with us on arranging screenings of LIQUID SKY using our 35mm print for theatrical screenings. We are thrilled about this collaboration as we have immense love for this film and are excited in helping more people be able to see it in 35mm as it was meant to be seen. If you are a film programmer that has reel to reel 35mm ability, would like to screen our print of Liquid Sky and potentially have Slava Tsukerman attend your screening, please reach out to us at:

Check back at our website or facebook page for more updates on LIQUID SKY screenings.

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